Each AxeWarriorGuitars.com instrument is a unique, premium guitar upgraded with the select hardware & electronics to meet our exacting Luither’s standards, wrapped in a SkinYourSkunk.com brand guitar skin and finished as a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Each of our designs is available for any make, model or style guitar or bass as a Special Custom Shop Order at very reasonable prices.  You supply the guitar or have our experts find one for you.  We perform any upgrades, graphics, paint, set-up, etc. and inspect your guitar for perfection.

Contact us for a FREE consultation of how we can provide you with the most awesome instrument you have ever played!
Welcome to AxeWarriorGuitars.com!
We design, create and manufacture the most absolutely awesome guitars and bass guitars possible using a combination of a select guitars, hardware & electronic upgrades, full set-up, complete inspection and a beautiful, premium graphic designs.

Such services have previously only been available to Rock Stars and usually only those with buckets of cash.  Our services range from extremely affordable to...well...anything you can imagine!
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